Review of my Chinese Course and Some Simple Hacks

Vocabulary: Teacher 老師 Lǎo shī Student 學生 Xué shēng Go to Class 上課 Shàng kè End of class 下課 Xià kè Semester 學期 Xué qí Mini test 小考 Xiǎo kǎo End of semester test (final exam) 期末考 Qí mò kǎo … Continue reading

Guest Post-Create Anki Flashcards using OS X Mountain Lion Dictation

This post was originally written as a guest post for the popular Chinese learning blog Chinese Hacks  which can be viewed here.

Here is a simple hack to help you create language flashcards quickly by using the in-built dictation feature of Mountain Lion.

This post is specific to Apple OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion users (but similar methods could perhaps be used on Windows using other software such as Dragon Dictate). Continue reading