Listen to Chinese Radio 24/7!

Want to practice and get input without any effort whilst doing other things? Then listen to the radio. Have it running in the background whilst browsing the web or ironing.

First, download TuneIn Radio for iOS / Android and you can search by country or language. You can also record programs if you think it’s particularly interesting (paid versions only).

I mainly flip between listening to two stations, the Taiwanese station RTI and the French based rfi. Both are great resources. The French one covers international topics and uses a standard, easy to understand dialect, as does RTI.

The Taiwanese RTI station also has a variety of programs including plays and phone-ins.

I find that phone-in shows are the most interesting and easy to understand because you get a host of different accents and you hear oft-repeated phrases such as greetings and salutations.

Add listening to the radio to your list of Chinese resources for easy course credit.

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