Learn Chinese with this Free Podcast.

I found a really good podcast for learning Chinese last night and I though I would share it with you all.  It’s by a guy named Serge Melnyk and he offers over 100+ podcasts absolutely free.  If you want to download lesson transcripts and worksheets etc you can of course head over to his website and pay.

The lessons are for beginners, but get harder and harder, and are also great for intermediate or even advanced learners.

Each lesson revolves around functional situations where introductory dialogues are spoken, the vocabulary taught, and the dialogues repeated and translated. He also does a good job of referring back to previous episode numbers of any vocab that has been learnt before.

I’ve only heard about 4 episodes so far, each lasting around 20 minutes, but i’ve learnt plenty of things that have slipped through the net in my mandarin training.

Being a non-native speaker is actually a good thing because people who have had to learn the language are usually the ones that best teach it, but he also uses two female narrators from China and Taiwan so that you get native pronunciation as well as his slowed down, simplified version.

The initially dialogues could feel intimidating at first, especially in the latter lessons, but after you have gone through the vocabulary, you then understand the dialogue a whole lot better the second time round.

Click the picture below for the iTunes link.Itunes Screenshot

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