Project “Get Rid of Flashcard Reviews”

Exciting title I know but it is a constant burden on my mind. Knowing that each day I don’t review is another few characters lost from my long-term memory and a frustrating few minutes spent trying to remember that word you knew you knew but you just don’t know.

Here are some screen shots of the rocky road ahead. Anki reviews seem manageable and a few days spent doing this on the tube shall clean them up, but the 2000+ Skritter reviews!  I’m not sure how long this will take to get to zero, but I shall use this blog to chart my progress, if any.

I shall spend the next few days trying to reduce this number in a manageable time limit and see how long it takes me to get back on track. I tell you, I didn’t realise how truly important it is to keep reviewing. No wonder so many people just forget languages despite having studied them forever. If your brain doesn’t continue reviewing it just gets rid. Try and recall your last cell number or zip code, (American slang for mobile and post code).  If you can then you’re a better man than I (actually, I can but that’s because the number was very simple. It’s my current one I have a problem with 😉 )



Uh oh, 2000+ reviews

Uh oh, 2000+ reviews


Slowly declining time spent reviewing.


I’ve flatlined……

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